The Roaring 1920’s!

Here’s the situation. It’s October 27th, 1929, in Clear Lake, Iowa. The stock market just crashed and people are scrambling to make end’s meet. In the middle of the stressful situation, people are looking for an escape. Lu’s Lounge hosted renowned lounge singer, Scarlett Rose, last night and the place was packed. The Clear Lake Police received a call earlier this morning. Lu’s gone missing and his money’s gone, too!

The police have narrowed it down to three suspects: Willie Gold, local radio DJ; Senator James Green, and the famous lounge singer, Scarlet Rose. The train with all three suspects leaves town in 45 minutes.

Your team of private eyes have 45 minutes to go into Lu’s Lounge, and figure out who’s hiding Lu and stole his money.  Good luck!

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Stuck In The 80’s!

A Blast From The Past! Far Out!

You and your friends get stuck in detention on the Saturday of the big homecoming football game. Your principal lays out the ground rules and leaves to attend to other business. You have 45 minutes to escape detention before he returns. Can you get out in time?

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